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Nelson’s facilities are uniquely equipped and scaled to build products of massive proportions, and size is the name of the game when it comes to manufacturing solutions for locomotives and other railway applications.

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Our extensive design experience and manufacturing scale uniquely position us as one of the premier partners in the railway space. Nelson’s capabilities will support any need you may have, whether for freight transport, passenger trains, or commuter rail.

Just like other vehicles, trains are subject to stringent regulations with regards to emissions output, noise and sociability. From large silencers and cooling system assemblies to complex structural assemblies and sub-assemblies, Nelson is equipped to manufacture a vast array of solutions of colossal proportions.

Featured applications

Freight trains
Light rail
Passenger trains

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At Nelson, we measure our relationships in decades—not years—because our partners know they can count on us for unwavering commitment and unparalleled service.

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