TRU-FLEX exhaust bellows.

Noise, Vibration & Harshness

Nelson’s custom flexible solutions, including bellows, expansion joints, and everything in between, are designed to absorb thermal movement and vibration, ensuring the safe and effective operation of your device.

Flexible solutions for reliable results

Our flexible solutions mitigate unwanted motion, keeping crucial components of your vehicle or device stable and secure, and are designed to operate perfectly regardless of external pressures like heat and suction. Bellows, expansion joints, and hose assemblies manufactured at our facilities are produced using only the most durable, high-quality materials.

Perhaps you need an expansion joint to affix components while safely absorbing thermal expansion and contraction, a bellows to compensate for relative motion between discrete systems and subsystems, an extended length of spiral-wound metallic hose to flexibly connect systems, or an integrated flexible thermal management system. No matter the application, a Nelson design ensures flawless performance, superior durability, and optimized efficiency.

Featured product types

Expansion joints
Interlock metallic flex hoses
Metallic hose assemblies
Non-metallic hose assemblies
Welder working on metal with blue color filter over top.

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