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Our global engineering, manufacturing, and distribution capabilities ensure our global customers can rapidly innovate to meet improving performance and quality standards across diverse industries. That means developing clean, efficient systems and maximizing product longevity and reliability.

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How we commit to a culture of sustainability

  • Nelson's engineering core competencies expand into several technologies that support green energy initiatives.

  • Nelson's Thermal Management, Acoustic, and NVH Products are clean, efficient, and optimized to address sound level and quality.

  • Our global footprint positions us to save our customers on inbound logistics and transportation costs.

The work we do —

The ability to innovate and effectively connect with emerging industries calls for engineered solutions. Nelson's unique combination of product engineering, vertically integrated manufacturing, and global footprint positively impacts your product’s lifecycle and the entire planet.

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Aerial view of a tractor tilling a dusty field showing the connection between products and results in our every day.
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Boundless blue sky thinking

At Nelson Global, we believe in balancing success with sustainability, past with future, and dependability with innovation. That means we reach above and beyond tried-and-true methods, and always opt for blue sky thinking without limits.

Why Nelson

Our worldwide presence is your global reach.

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Unrelenting quality standards ensure our customers’ status as leaders, no matter their industry.

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