Outdoor view of acoustics technology.


True to our origins as the go-to source for acoustics solutions in the United States, Nelson Global designs and produces cutting-edge mufflers, silencers, and sound management products of all kinds.

Flawless sound for every scenario

Nelson offers the highest level of precision in terms of both sound quality and level for all of our acoustics solutions. We’ve got you covered, whether the end goal is an ultra-quiet solution for power generation or achieving an unmistakable signature engine roar.

Our experience and offerings span small-scale single-cylinder applications to colossal silencers for the largest industrial applications imaginable. Each design is optimized for maximum efficiency, sound level, and sound quality, ensured by 3D modeling and acoustic simulation—often eliminating the need for costly prototypes and reducing time to launch.

Featured product types

Aspirating mufflers
Spark-arresting mufflers
Welder working on metal with blue color filter over top.

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