Quality Policy

October 2023

Nelson Global Products has defined the Quality Policy and made it available to employees and the public. See https://www.nelsongp.com/about/our_vision.asp.

This Policy represents the framework for planning and improving the QMS and setting general and specific quality objectives.

Our Vision of Quality

Our company is driven by our Vision, Mission and Operating Principles.

We focus on customer satisfaction that meets or exceeds all applicable requirements using continual improvement as the framework for all we do.


We engineer and manufacture customer solutions for key industries acrosss the globe, enabling our customers to help the world grow, share, and prosper while delivering a sustainable future.


Be the preferred partner to provide technologies that bridge the needs of a constantly improving world, from innovation through a renewable product lifecycle.


  • We put Safety First
  • We are Customer focused
  • We treat each other with respect
  • We deliver on our commitments
  • We treat Suppliers as our partners
  • We are all decision makers and problem solvers
  • We create simple solutions to complex problems
  • We relentlessly identify and eliminate waste
  • We support the communities we live in