At Nelson, we strive to attract talented individuals by cultivating a supportive and inclusive culture. We are a global team of innovators and groundbreakers, constantly redefining our field and pushing the limits of possibility.

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Two technicians evaluating large mechanics equipment in a testing facility.

What sets us apart

  • The diversity of our global footprint, product solutions, and end markets served
  • Our products support global sustainability through the reduction of emissions and noise
  • Positioned to support future powertrains with our 80+ years of successful customer partnerships

Our commitments —

We are dedicated to serving not only our employees, but our communities and the planet at large as well. By concentrating our efforts across three pillars of sustainability—environmental, social, and governance—we are paving the way toward a more mindful future for all of us.

Research engineer testing equipment with a laptop in a manufacturing facility.
Aerial view of three employees discussing a product in a research facility.

Get the most out of your career

Together, our individual talents and different backgrounds make us a better company.

  • We join other pioneers in creating a more sustainable future
  • Nelson is one part of a bigger picture for the future, your future
  • Become a part of the next generation for change

We are #TeamNelson

Why Nelson
Two facility workers discussing a product at an industrial facility.

Larissa Souza

Process Analyst, Brazil

“In this job I can use my knowledge from university to bring improvements of quality, productivity and product development that bring customer satisfaction. I thank Nelson for the opportunities and trust, and for always giving me new challenges that are essential for my professional and personal improvement.”

Aerial view of a cityscape at dusk with a blue color filter over top.

Join our global community.

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