A close up of structural components.

Complex Structural

There’s no limit when it comes to our structural solution capabilities. From motorcycle frame components to rollover protection systems, we fulfill any structural need, working collaboratively to optimize your product for weight, strength, and cost.

Strong bones you can count on

Our efficient structural solutions result in weight reduction and improved performance in a wide range of applications. Whether you require an entire system or a single component, a simple assembly or complex design, we support you throughout the entire process, from idea generation to analysis and testing.

Nelson designs, manufactures, and optimizes rollover protection systems (ROPS), solar tracking structures, frame and chassis assemblies, and more. From smaller products like bracketry and accessory mounts to highly specialized solutions like structural tubing for solar tracking, we provide our partners with the best in cost-effective production, safety, and reliability.

Featured product types

Accessory support structures
Emissions system support structures
Frame & chassis assemblies & sub-assemblies
Rollover protection systems (ROPS)
Solar tracking structures
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