Upward view of industrial ventilation ducts.

Thermal Management

Our temperature solutions manage, retain, transfer, and diffuse heat for optimal efficiency, performance, and safety. We leverage our thermal expertise to engineer and manufacture unique products that fulfill your exact need.

Solutions to beat the heat

Nelson’s temperature capabilities are vast. From retaining heat in aftertreatment emission systems to keeping electric vehicle drivetrains cool, we know where heat needs to be—and where it doesn’t.

When it comes to thermal management, efficiency is the name of the game. Our insulation, coating, and shielding products ensure safe and optimized system solutions which save both energy and operating costs. Whether you need to optimize an existing system or develop a completely new custom design, we've got you covered.

Featured product types

Cogeneration heat recovery
Composite insulation solutions
Heat shields
Insulated flexible assemblies
Insulated tube assemblies
Removable insulation blankets
Tailpipe diluter & aspirators
Spark arresters
Welder working on metal with blue color filter over top.

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