Nelson Global Recognizes 25 Years of Operation in India

Mar 11, 2024

On March 10, 2024, Nelson Global recognized a milestone achievement of 25 years of operation in India. Today, we reflect on the remarkable growth the company has experienced since the first plant opened and on the hard work, dedication and success that has defined Nelson Global’s presence in India.

Nelson Global’s expansion into India was modest. Nelson opened the first facility in Daman in 1999 with less than 20,000 square feet of space. After three years of operation, the company began a relentless effort to broaden its capabilities and expand its reach. In 2009, a move into a larger facility in Daman laid the foundation for future expansion. In 2015, Nelson Global opened a second plant in Rudrapur; in 2016, a facility in Chennai; in 2019, a facility in Chakan; and in 2020, facilities in Jamshedpur and Lucknow.

Throughout the last 25 years, Nelson has grown its investment in India from one manufacturing plant to six, with nearly 1,200 team members across the operation supporting key power generation, transportation, construction, and agriculture customers. The company’s initial 20,000-square-foot operation grew into a 200,000-square-foot operation, and the India team has significantly expanded the product offering to provide customers with more customized products to support their specific needs. Products created in Nelson Global’s India plants are delivered across the world to the United States, Mexico, Europe, and Australia, highlighting our connection to the world.

During this time of celebration, we express our gratitude to every member of the Nelson Global team who has been a pivotal part of this journey, from the visionaries who conceptualized our entry into India and the dedicated individuals who supported us along the way. Additionally, we thank our customers and suppliers for their long-lasting partnerships, without whom the past 25 years of success would not have been possible. As we mark this milestone, it is an honor to be part of the country’s remarkable growth over the past quarter century, and we are looking forward to many more years of innovation alongside our partners and customers in India.